Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stolen dog flags down RSPCA van 100 miles from home

A stolen dog displayed an impressive nose for safety after flagging down an RSPCA van on a deserted road more than 100 miles from home. Alfie the Yorkshire terrier was swiped in a raid on his owner's home in Wednesbury, in the West Midlands, last month. But after being set loose he managed to get RSPCA inspector Stephanie Law to stop by barking in front of her vehicle in Buckinghamshire. Alfie jumped in when she braked and opened her door to investigate. Missing dog whose owner hired a helicopter to find her is found drowned A scan of his microchip identified the seven-year-old dog as missing and he was reunited with his owner Kirsty Mitton. But Alfie's friend Lillie, a five-year-old unneutered female taken in the same READ MORE- engineered a rescue by flagging down a passing RSPCA van

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