Saturday, 18 April 2015


WOULD YOU D O A INTERVIEW FOR ME ,THANKS yes hi ya OK -WHAT INSPIRED YOU?WHAT PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE FUTURE?WHAT ARE YOUR AIMS?-HOBBIES,WORK SELF YOU CHOOSE -MARAINES8GMAIL.COM-HI BACK What inspired me? as a small child, Vincent Van Gough, iboth of us are autistic and i identified with him ():-) FUTURE: to have Game of Secrets a success and to promote Hell Inc Nation, it like facebook. Next ():-) ANY THINK ELSE LIKE A BIT OF YOUR ART FORM Sure. Have had critical success as musician and song writer (dont care about money) not performing at the moment. Really i am happiest when creating things. enjoying Facebook as a wider canvass ():-) ANY EXAMPLES OF YOUR SONGS ? sure: youtube: Savant The Spirit Video, but its a secret lol . wrote it a while back WOULD IT BE OK TO USE FOR BLOG OR NOT of course, any interest is welcome. i did radio and TV here in the UK but nothing ever came of it, but it was nice to be asked ():-) OK MY FRIEND WILL PUT THIS CONVERSATION ON MY BLOG NOW ,BE BACK IN A MO-ok ():-)-

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