Sunday, 22 March 2015

Richard Knight Sole Proprietor at Dr. Knight Inc.-an interview

Richard KnightGreetings, Okay my inspiration is that of being a light worker and energy healer since birth. I was born with 14 senses and have always used the same in order to help others. I am presently putting together a paranormal conference in September this year at Dragon Hills in north Georgia. This will be an open forum with many speakers, a panel for questions and answers, booths for advertising group affiliates, sponsors or silent business partners, and lots of advertising in lots of different means of media. Then we shall have another conference for the west coast in Arizona. The long range plans are numerous, a school to teach paranormal investigators how to provide spiritual solutions to those in crisis all over the world. Then after the two years of study they shall be selected as members of a very elite team of investigators to travel the world with me as the lead. Then even a bit farther down the road is the creation of a community drop in center to give healings, teachings, spiritual books and supplies, statuary, jewelry, blessed candles, and magical instruction. In addition to this will be a medium sized bed and breakfast with about ten bedrooms and baths with kitchen and all for those who come long distance to receive treatments, counseling, healing, or to attend the school even. I hope this answer most of your questions if there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask. All services are provided on a donation basis. I have a very long list of titles and credentials including ordinations, attunements, degrees, over forty years of experience etc etc. Blessings, Richard

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