Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pamela Marcom a interview

I work for a large hospital in Sacramento CA My hobbies are cooking, sewjng, crochet but most of a paranormal investigation. I am currently part of the USS Hornet crew working on the paranormal tours of the ship. I am currently taking a Tarot Class and I am working with two close friends and mediums who are helping me to expand abilities I had but lost as a child. I started about 3 years ago when a coworker invited me to Virginia City NV for a weekend investigation. By the weekend I was hooked. We started Pacific Coast Spirit Watch and the rest is history. We have 11 team members who range in age from late 20s to mid 60s. My aim and goals are to continue to investigate. Learn as much as I can and in the end try to help as I can. Initially I wanted to learn if there is truly another side. I have lost both parents and wanted to proof that this isn't all there is. Our team has been extremely fortunate to have been granted permission to investigate many location, some which had never been done before. The Argonaut Mine, California Auto Museum, California Aero Space Museum, Gibson Ranch, several cemeteries and many other locations. We recently returned from Dunsmir and Castella CA. We investigated the Stone Cottage Inn, the California Theatre and the Castle Rock Inn and Café (a former bordello). Over the course of the year's we have captured many evps, video and personal paranormal experiences. Ghost Adventures used a clip of evidence we obtained on the USS Hornet in the Ghost Adventures Aftershock episode airing on May 31, 2014. We have secured many new locations and 2015 may be our best year yet. My plan for the group's future is to continue to investigate, learn as much as I can during that process and share it with our group. I look forward to continuing my journey, working with the team, meeting many new people and visiting new locations-our web site is

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