Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hi dad it is hard to believe its coming up to a year soon that you passed away-12-05-2013.Daily life has been running as normal i am doing blogging/drawing/helping  and when can try to give info about cancer and dementia you suffered to help others. I ring mum up once a week ,she misses you more than she lets on,jayne  and  john  are engaged  and hope to marry in april 2015 and have asked me to give jayne away ,we wish it was you.We know in our hearts your spirit will be thier on the day,i have not spoken to nicky for awhile as fell out during your funeral and yes if you where here you would tell me to try to make up but i cant forgive yet.Your grankids are growing up fast ,xanthia is expecting a baby soon.I wish you could read this in person but i know you will in a spiritaal way .On 12-05-2014 i will go to the local churh ,sit down ,say a pray ,shed a tear,altough not perfect your stiil my dad and i miss you.

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