Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hello firstly what got me into wrestling is I think my dad watched it back along &my friends also seem to like it in our school days when wwe used to be good still! , I don't watch wwe anymore because cannot stand the pg rubbish & I still think that wrestling isn't for kids as they copy everything they see at that age ...not good! , tna is the bomb& I'm so glad I'm able to watch it regularly now in the UK only regret is that I didn't have chance to watch it & follow it since the beginning but tna always makes me smile & the company deserves lot more praise & respect of course, I'm not sure about the direction of British wrestling at the moment but yes I would love to see more British wrestling & for it to be emphasized more like they are doing as regards to Mexico & Japanese wrestling etc, my plans for the future are to try to stop dissin wwe -even if they deserve it ! ....but other than that it's just as normal... TNA.....CROSS THE LINE! Very many thanks. ...from a true wrestling fan

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