Wednesday, 9 April 2014


folow link to see more of mike davissong liar by mike davis-mike davis-singer/songwriter-mike is a friend of jon downes who he meet when hitchiking-at the time mike had longer hair than jon but going a bit thinner on top these days.the sons he writes he wishs to protray a sprirtal and help others through song and does with a passion to bring enjoyment through this medium.he tends not to play live due to stage fright and doubts his singing and guiar work which is not true as can be seen in his various videos.he does all his recording at jon downes famous cow shed based at woolsery and films his videos there as well not bad for basic equiment not of a professional studio but this brings it back to the studeos of old as many started this way.he has an ep out which i think you can get through gonzo mutimedia and whilst talking with him he mentioned how one of his songs helped a friend of his.i enjoyed my chat with mike as easy going and wish him all the best in his music.

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