Sunday, 28 August 2016

Rare skeleton of a dodo is up for auction

A RARE skeleton of the extinct dodo is going under the hammer later this year.
It is the first to come up for auction for nearly 100 years and is already attracting widespread interest.
Summers Place Auctions in Stane Street, Billingshurst, believe the composite skeleton, which is 95 per cent complete, will be sold for a six figure sum.
It is rarer than the diplodocus dinosaur skeleton that was sold at the auction house earlier this year for £400,000.
Only one dodo skeleton exists that is made up from the bones of a single bird and the others, about a dozen, are composites made up from bones that belonged to several individuals.
Summers Place natural history curator Errol Fuller said: “Dodo skeletons are extremely rare.
“Most museums had acquired their dodos many years ago and no relatively complete skeleton has been put together since the early 20th century.
“This is an amazingly rare opportunity for the acquisition of one of the great icons of extinction.”

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