Sunday, 28 August 2016

Holdstone Down-devon

Exmoor has the highest coastline on the British mainland, Holdstone Down peaks at 1150ft making it the highest on the North Devon coast path, and offers unbridled views of the coastline from Lundy Island in the west to Dunkery Beacon in the East. The high vantage point also allows views of the shadowy Dartmoor Tors to the South, and the industrious South Wales coast to the North.
Walking is short and easy through a high-level wilderness with ancient settlements and a history of spaceships and extra-terrestrial forces. UFO-spotters regularly gather on the summit of this ‘holy mountain’ and children will love the mysterious pebble arrows often left around the cairn by ‘alien’ visitors. An atmospheric walk in autumn, when the rust-coloured bracken is interspersed with banks of purple heather and the last of the butterflies browse among the brambles.also read

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