Sunday, 21 August 2016

first known sheepskin coat

The researchers looked at the mitochondrial genomes – DNA contained within mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells – of nine clothing fragments. Pictured from left to right: stone dagger, bows, leather quiver, tinder fungus, birch fungus and birch barkThe world's first known sheepskin coat was worn by Ötzi the 'Iceman' 5,300 years ago.
Scientists have studied the famous mummy's clothes for the first time and found they were made from a variety of five different animals.
These included brown bear for his hat, goat for his leather and sheep - for his coat.
It means Ötzi, found frozen in a glacier in the Alps a quarter of a century ago, was donning the garment more than 5,000 years before today's more

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