Saturday, 16 January 2016


Holsworthy rural community transport do provide a volunteer car service (if a driver is available) for all healthcare appointments but most volunteers are outside of holsworthy town so the mileage counts from the drivers house. Always worth a call. Also a couple of taxi services up and running in the area now. Bradworthy cars and Parkers Cars. What about the Ring & Ride bus? Again Holsworthy Rural Community Transport run this. They have a wheelchair accessible minibus which offer a door to door service. They travel both to supermarkets and social trips e.g. Truro, Falmouth and lunchtrips to pubs etc. Free to join cost of trips vary from £4.50.a thank you to Esther Rowe for all the info to this plea-Do you know of anyone else in Holsworthy area that finds transport to doctors or just for a break a problem due to bus every 4 hours and no good if can not walk far or no voluntary car as only hospital trips, taxi is 7.00 pounds plus and only if can get, please contact me forgot to mention that my eife slong with others cannot walk very far so we and thier if had a taxi would add on waiting time plus you have to pay a 2 pound admin charge on top if use voluntary car plus 45 p per mile from thier home to yours plus journey and back that could go over 7.00 per trip alot on limited yes may be able to if pushed go to appointments but what about the trip to give a person a break from thier daily grindnof dealing with thier illnesses.

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