Saturday, 9 January 2016

Gert Brouwer a interview

Hi my friend here are the answers on your questions. Maybe you can make it better English than me. If it’s ready can you send me a link? Place it on my website social media like that. What inspired you? A changing point in my life was the death of some important people in my life. Had seen somethings happening tot hem. All what i saw came true. After two decades someone told me your paranormal. My road was a roller coaster so fast. My mind remembers a lot of my childhood that i already spoke with death people. So all these things brought me tot his point and changed my life. Know I work as medium, demonologic and exorcist. Don’t forget my own team i have. It’s all inspired me. What are your aims? My aims are to debunk people in the circuit, show the paranormal it’s not what people think. The true behind everything! A few television shows aims on haunted places. But most of the times the reality is else than a haunted place. Real evil is there not so much than people think. So reality is so important. What plans do you have for the future? My plans in the future are being important because of the television show is coming up. People want to hear the story behind you. But the focus is on the show and America. For America we want to travel true the state of Oregon. Do some events, lectures things like that.But don’t forget my lecture and classes in the demonology.

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