Sunday, 4 May 2014


Q WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THE BAND AND THIER MUSIC? A-I DISCOVERED THEM BY ACCIDENT WHILST RESEARCHING YOUTUBE AND WAS MOVED BY THE MUSICAL TONE IT SEEMED TO SING TO MY INNER SOUL. Q-DO YOU KNOW WHO THIER ARE? A- NO AS DISGIUSE THEMSELFS TO KEEP ID A SECRET AND THIS MAKES YOU WISH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM. Q- ARE YOU A FACEBOK FAN? YES AND WOULD ASK OTHERS TO JOIN AND BE PART OF THE NEW MODERN DAY EXPERIENCE .About A dying Man and a Confused Girl/ with Psychotic Gods taking on the world/ on Bealtaine night the quest begins/ good Lords forgive us for our sins Description Xtul is a little village on the Yucatan coast of Mexico. In 1966 thirty members of the Process Church of the Final Judgement settled there for a while, and during a hurricane wrote their most profound piece of neotheologising. Four years later, on the other side of the world I fell in love with a book by an eccentric English aristocrat, who based the 13 year old heroine on his eldest daughter, who... See more Impressum The Apocalypse may well be Televised-

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