Sunday, 11 December 2016

School forced to sell advertising space to pay for urgent repairs

A PRIMARY school has been reduced to selling advertising space in order to try and fund essential repairs.
Carden Primary School in Brighton has applied for planning permission for advertising banners it has put up along it’s perimeter fencing.
The school said the revenue would be used to pay to replace the fencing which had become “dangerous and unfit for purpose” having failed to secure public money for the repairs.
Unions said the move was symptomatic of a crisis in school funding.
School staff said banners up to 30 metres long would be used to promote local banners and would not advertise any products deemed detrimental to children.
As well as paying for school repairs, funds will also be used towards extra-curricular activities for children.
The plans have been greeted with large support from residents with 26 letters of support sent to the council and just seven of objection.-Read More

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