Sunday, 2 October 2016

my arcade past .

back in the 80s around the time of bandaid  i was living and working in southend-on-sea essex .i was work then  in the arcade as a cashier come cleaner ,one of the many along the mile stretch along southend seafront .in the time there i dealt with skinheads who wanted to know if safe had any mooney i just said not allowed key and then the time i was carrying 50 pound in coins in bags in both arms and asked if i would give them it but just said if could run faster then me with them good luck.i  enjoyed seeing people spend a lot of money in fruit machines and chasing the kids away from the 2p machine - knocked and legged it the free gos on all arcade games of the time but not the rowdy pub and violence on a friday and saturday nights we had bouncers on .

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