Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dish to listen for ET around strange star

Green Bank TelescopeA $100m initiative to listen for signals from alien life is targeting a star with an unusual dimming pattern.
The Breakthrough Listen project, backed by Prof Stephen Hawking, will train a US radio telescope on a target called Tabby's Star.
Tabby's Star has been a subject of attention and controversy over its irregular dimming pattern.
Some scientists have been puzzled by large dips in the star's brightness.
One of the most favoured explanations for this behaviour is that a swarm of comet fragments is periodically blocking light from the star, which also known by its official designation - KIC 8462852.
One very remote and speculative idea - yet one that has attracted much attention in the media - is that the pattern is caused by some kind of artificial structure, or a collection of structures, around the star.
The co-director of the Breakthrough Listen programme, Dr Andrew Siemion, said he was sceptical of explanations that involved intelligent life.
He added: "The Breakthrough Listen programme has the most powerful SETI -read more

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