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To: Mark Raines
Those look good, except for the fact that they end with "Haunted Doll." 
 Melissa (AKA Lisa) George
Assistant Director,Director of Media, Investigator,Carolina Society of Paranormal Research and Investigations, INC.
Co-Founder of Carolina Cryptid Crew
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Thank you. Maybe some of this will work for you, just let me know.
Please give me a blog link, as I usually charge for this.Being that I am a blogger too, I didn't mind doing this for you.
I am Melissa George, a South Carolina Native. I am a freelance Web and Graphics designer by trade. However, in this past year, I have come to be an Author. I have written two books telling about my family’s journey of living with a paranormal entity along with a Bigfoot book of true encounters.
My family lived with a shadow person that only had one thing in mind, and that was to destroy us. It nearly accomplished killing me and destroying our family. We found help just in time with Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigations. These people not only gave us hope. They stepped up and entered this journey along side us. My family ended up joining the team and eventually becoming board members. This team branched out in the Cryptid direction. Being a Cryptid lover, my family jumped at the chance to co-found Carolina Cryptid Crew. Little did we know then we were about to become the center of media attention and have Bigfoot step right of the pages of myth and legend and into our research area.

Melissa George
I Believe
My husband Marty and I along with our daughter in law Cari had made a couple of trips out into the woods to look around.  We came across a small area that was bare of trees. The ground was mostly red dirt here, so we thought it would be a good place to look for footprints. I remember the three of us walking around this area with our heads down, being very careful where we stepped.
My eyes went to something that looked like a heal print, oh my. Further up it got wider, yes, that’s where the toes would be. I am standing here looking at a very large bare footprint. All sorts of emotions flooded through me in a split second. I stepped back and looked again. It was unmistakable. It validated the tree structures and the wood knocks. It was here! Or it had walked through here! Was it watching us now? I felt the small hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I slowly looked up and peered into the darkened forest. It
could very well be standing in the shadows where the sun does not penetrate.
Hey guys, come here. I know they could here the emotions in my voice. They were both by my side in seconds. Looking down to see what I was looking at.
OH MY GOD! Cari exclaimed.
Get the ruler, Marty said. I handed him the ruler. He knelt down to measure the abnormally large footprint.
Eleven inches long.
It was a very strange feeling to be standing there looking down at this big footprint, knowing that the huge animal that made this had walked through here. It was just a short walk to my backdoor. I was not sure how I felt about this. I just could not fully accept what I was seeing. It was right there in my
face, and I still couldn’t accept that we had a Bigfoot nearby. My mind was not wiling to accept what my eyes had just seen the three of us continued to look for more prints. We found another one the same size, then a smaller one. I still could not believe it. We took photos and videos of these footprints. But they just weren’t deep enough to cast. I would have loved to been able to make a cast of what we had just witnessed. But I guess it was not meant to be.
Haunted Doll
By: Melissa George

A few years ago, back before I ever realized that I shared my home with a dark entity. I was hooked on EBay. I loved the thrill of winning the bid for the lowest amount of money possible. And I actually got some good bargains this way. Well, I had been browsing through the ads one morning and I came across this porcelain doll. She was the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. I am not a doll collector in any fashion. However, I wanted her so badly. She was simply breath taking in a green plaid dress with a ruffled petticoat showing. She had long red braids that ended with bows to match her dress.. Her eyes were the most beautiful blue. I put in my bid and waited. I upped my bid a few times through out the day, as I really wanted to win her. I knew the exact spot she would be sitting out in my son room. I went to bed that night thinking of her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The next morning I made mine and Marty's coffee and sat down to check my email. I had won the bid! She was going to be shipped to me today! I was so thrilled. I told Marty that morning that I had won a doll in a bid. He was a bit shocked since I was not a doll collector. I told him how beautiful she was. He said she really must be for her to make such an impression on me. I could not wait for her to arrive! Later that day I got an email from the seller. She told me that this was one of many dolls that she had bought in an estate sale and she would send me the paper work with her. She said she had a few errands to run that morning, then she would come back home to pack up the doll and she would be shipped that night. That was fine with me; I could wait an extra day. After all, she was mine now.
Later that day I received a strange email from the seller.
She told me she had been out running errands that day and had left the doll sitting on her desk. She said the doll had sat in the same place on her desk for the past few months. However, when she returned home that morning the doll was sitting across the room on the floor. I thought to myself, Ok, this woman is going to try to convince me that this is a haunted doll and ask for more money. She explained that she lived alone so there was no one that could have possibly moved the doll from her desk. I didn't think too much of this email, However I did wonder what her motive was for telling me this. I showed the email to Marty that evening, we both had a good laugh out of it. Just as we were laughing at this email, something crashed in the back part of the house. We were the only two home and there were no dogs in the house. We went to look but found nothing out of place. This would happen two more times that night. The doll showed up the next day by UPS. She was in a package that looked to be way to small to contain her, and as I opened the box the contents seemed to be chewed, but it was chewed up on the inside of the box, not the outside. But this was soon forgotten as I pulled my beautiful doll from her cramped box. I spent a few moments smoothing her dress and hair, and then I placed her in a seated position by my lamp on the end table in the sunroom. I crossed one tiny leg over the other. She looked so lovely there. Through out the day I would look over to admire my beautiful doll. When Marty and Chris came in from work Chris spotted her right off and told me just how creepy he thought she was. How in the world could he find such a lovely doll creepy? I looked at her again, but just could not make myself see her as anything less than beautiful. But wait a minute...hadn't I crossed her legs earlier? They were now plainly uncrossed. Maybe one of the dogs had bumped against the table causing her to shift. I walked over and readjusted her legs. Then went out to the kitchen to fix dinner. I didn't think much more about the doll that night. The next morning Chris told me he had gotten up during the night, and he had heard her porcelain legs moving around on the table. He actually forgot his drink and raced back to his room because of this. I assured him he had just creeped himself out, that the doll was harmless. However, through out the day that day I caught myself looking over at her to see if there was any movement. (Oh, stop it! I told myself. Chris is just getting to you.) However, there were a few times I thought I noticed the very slightest facial expression change on the doll.) Days and then weeks passed. Most people that would come over to visit would comment on how creepy the doll looked. I never understood what they were seeing. One day Marty was walking through the dinning room when he stopped and picked up a piece of paper. He brought it to me and said it must have come with the doll. Her paperwork! The seller had mentioned sending her paperwork, but I hadn't seen anything in the box. How did it get in my dinning room weeks later? I unfolded this small piece of paper, it turned out to be an aged newspaper clipping with a picture on it. An elderly woman had been driving down the road, when she met with a tragic accident and ran off an embankment ending her life. It showed the car with the trunk open and literally hundreds of dolls spilling from the trunk. There was my doll! She was just at the opening of the trunk looking as if she had been posed climbing out! Now that was creepy! I showed the paper to Marty, and we agreed that the doll had to go. That was just too weird. At the time, Marty and Chris were remodeling the home of a local woman. I told Chris he could give this woman the doll. However, I never mentioned the newspaper article to him. Chris took the doll to work with them the next morning, just as he went to hand the doll to the woman of the house; his leg went through the floor and was broken. It took him months to regain the use of his leg. Coincidence? Maybe. However, I no longer purchase any dolls from Ebay.

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