Sunday, 15 June 2014


When i  was younger I came across a new kind of comedy  in the form of The Young Ones with talking rats,plates ,slapstick even the odd band spot.It brought us characters like Rik -Anarchist-Neil-Hippie-Vyvyan-Punk-Mike-Cool but still to this day why he was in it as least funnest.To my step-son-Shane-Rik to him was Bottom form the stairs.Who could not forget Lord Flashheart i Blackadder not a main part but came in with a bang.So i say thank you with this post for making me laugh and seeing a bit of Rik form Young Ones in me.1981-A Kick Up The Eighties-as Kevin Turvey-1982-84-The Young Ones-1983-89 Blackadder -Mad Gerald in final episode in 1st series and later as Lord Flashheart-1987-Filthy Rich & Catflap-as Richie Rich-1987-92-The New Statesman as Alan Beresford B,stard-1991-95-Bottom as Richie Richard.

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