Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to defend yourself against the 'two-week' attack

Alarming news from the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA): you have "two weeks" to protect yourself from a major cyber-threat.
The warning came as the FBI, in partnership with authorities in several countries around the world, shut down a network of criminally operated computers that were stealing important information from victims' machines.
But since that announcement, which directed concerned users to a website which promptly crashed for more than 15 hours, many BBC readers have been in touch wondering what they need to do to stay safe on the internet. Here's an at-a-glance guide.
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Am I affected?
Rory Cellan-Jones reports on a "powerful computer attack", which people have two weeks to protect themselves from
If your computer does not run Windows, stop right here. This does not affect you - but other problems might, so always keep your antivirus up to date.
If you are using Windows, read on.
Gameover Zeus is a particularly nasty piece of malware - malicious software - that will fish around your computer for files that look like they may contain financial or other sensitive information. Once it finds them, it steals themread more

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