Sunday, 18 December 2016

Warning to pet owners over Stan, the hungry golden eagle on the loose

Stan, the escaped golden eagleP
et owners have been warned that a giant golden eagle, capable of eating animals as large as baby deer, is on the loose.
Falconry expert Kris Ford, 65, fears his prized bird of prey Stan could kill animals the size of foxes and rabbits after it broke free from its perch.
The bird, which has a six-foot wing span, poses a risk to the public as its six-foot nylon leash is still flailing behind it.
It is thought to be nesting around two miles from Kris' home in rural Suffolk, but despite his best efforts to bring it home, the eagle is still free.
Father-of-three Kris, who is married to Dee, said: "It could take rabbits and foxes. Eagles just grab what they can.
"The ring that he was tied to failed and [its] poor quality allowed him to escape.
"So he's still got a long leash attached to him. He might be feeling a little hungry by now so hopefully he'll come back to me later when he has eaten."Read More

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