Sunday, 9 October 2016

possible credible u.f.o in Devon .

back in march 31 st 1993 ,2 policeman -clifford  waycott and robert wiley whilst driving along a 3072 on petrol spotted something strange when near okhampton  ,their saw a bright light in the sky and as neared holsworthy the light was behaving as if waiting for an reaction ,sailing a little ahead of them above treetops ,low silent and did not believe was an aircraft.the officers radioed hq stating going to investigate but did not get near object not even doing 90 mph and  decided to slow down as did not wish to report crashing a police car whilst chasing u.f.o.the local then r.a.f station at chivenor was contacted but their stated no aircraft in the air fitting description of hovering and changing to supersonic speed.later that day other reliable witnesses had seen object including bbc engineers manning transmitter in dartmoor,also police from plymouth  docks had seen an extraordinary cfat between 1.00 am to 1.30 am.

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