Sunday, 16 October 2016


Kumbuka sparked panic on Thursday when he escaped from the gorilla day roomAfter attempting to make a dramatic bid for freedom, Kumbuka the gorilla looked perfectly relaxed - despite being branded a 'psycho' by one of his keepers.
Zookeepers yesterday boarded up the glass partition which cracked as the 'agitated' gorilla escaped from its den - through a door which may have been left open.
on Saturday he was said to be more docile sat in a corner of the enclosure barely moving. 
It comes as renowned conservationist Ian Redmond revealed he warned London Zoo about the poor design of the enclosure long before Kumbuka mounted his escape.
Ian Redmond, an expert in mountain gorillas, said that he had told staff a number of times that the Gorilla Kingdom, which cost £5m, was too exposed to visitors. 

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