Sunday, 9 October 2016

big cat sightings in south west some information.

this is not an account of all sightings seen in south west a place i the blogger reside in .in 1977 a photograph of a Abyssinian cat was produced in cornwall  which in turn brought a response via letter from surgeon vice admiral sir john rawlen of howe  who said it in no doubt it was a big cat as he had seen a puma on the a286  near hanslemere himself.a Josie Mackenzie ,modbury ,south Devon saw a big cat whilst walking her dog at blackdown rings ,she described as a mysterious black creature .one incident at shebbear ,north devon has divided opinion among experts ,a Arab filly named Jessica had a 2 inch wound either side of neck .Danny bamping  founder of British cat society believed wounds could be inflicted by a big cat unlike mike thomas ,newquay zoo who is doubtful as thouhgt the cat would have finished off its victim.

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