Saturday, 22 November 2014


PEPPA PIG was part of a Facebook campaign due to insult to Islam.THE SIMPSONS were banned in Venezuela due to being unsuitable for kids.BUGS BUNNY in a episode made during world war 2 is longer aired due to racial slurs to Japanese.SPEEDY GONZALES taken off the air in America  in 90,s due to being too Mexican.SOUTH PARK was nearly banned in Russia due to promoting religious  hatred.SPONGE BOB was seen as a pro -gay propaganda by American christian  activists.BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD were banned in America  after showing characters shooting guns after Columbine murders.TINY TOONS  was cancelled after a episode showing its characters being killed in a drink and drive crash.TOM AND JERRY  at least 3 episodes were taken off the air due to blacking up of characters even leading to disclaimers via Amazon  and i tunes.I myself got in trouble for a cartoon i posted of a cat showing a sign saying woolsery sells out,caused a  bit of a storm and had to delete and put on a disclaimer.

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