Saturday, 12 August 2017


On thursday 10th august 2017 i did a round trip of over 80 miles to go from holsworthy  to exeter  and back home to see a consultant near exeter hospital.I arrived i was shown to a depressing corridor of the waiting room i then went to room to see the consultant and some students and preceded to do varies tests and at end of session i was informed i was being affected by anxiety and depression and needed help with my balance due to loss of confidence .To say  i was pissed off would be understatement to say the least as i have had al tests asked to do even got in writing that i had mild small vessel disease of brain which affects my cognitive skills with global decline so it made me think i was just making it up but i was heartened by article read to say that my illness does cause depression ,mood swings ,memory problems perhaps i may be low down on the ladder in stages of illness by it does affect my life and i going to keep trying to find out out more .

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