Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Angel B. Hakim interview

What inspired you?
My father was a shaman  or a Root Doctor in our home town and as a young girl growing up, I was extremely close with him. His nickname was “Prophet” and he traveled  the USA providing spiritual services to many that were being attacked spiritually by the forces of evil.  His tool of divination was crystal ball and my mother was a spirit medium. I grew up in a household where spirits and spirituality was apart of our normal everyday life. During my youth I answered the call to follow in my dad's footsteps by using my gift of readings spirits to help those who were in search of a spiritual advisor and someone with knowledge of the occult and particularly the Root. I was inspired by his ability to help clients by using his skills and knowledge of herbal concoctions and the occult to fight the forces of evil and  herbs to heal. He was big on being honest in working with people and not taking financial advantage of them. I enjoyed working with my father learning how to properly dress candles, mixed herbs for the spiritual baths, making oils from essential oils  and gris gris bags for  spiritual protection.  I am currently a Master in the art of Tarot and a Master in Reiki.  I am studying to continue to increase my knowledge of other arts in the Occult.

What are your aims?
I am working on providing classes to the public that teach Meditation, Tarot, and Spirituality. I'm currently working on the completion of my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling to become a therapist.  I am also growing my spiritual business  which currently services 800 plus clients worldwide
. Providing spiritual services along with spiritual readings is the current direction but I will graduate in August and then move to be trained in being a Platform Medium and connecting with the spirits that have crossed over.

What plans are for the future?
My future plans are to get my brand out there and increase the amount of people that I can provide spiritual counseling along with reconnecting my gift of Mediumship gift that was suppressed after the loss of a sibling many years ago. I want to provide spiritual teaching to all that seek the knowledge.

Angel B. Hakim

Thanks for this opportunity Ghostman, let me know if you need further information.  Be Blessed

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