Saturday, 4 February 2017

Maurice's Psychic World

Yes my client made it years ago ! Most of my clients are word of mouth
To continue to help
I do beleive in exsitance after life
My father passed in October and has visited me 2 times which has helped my grieving process and amazed meIt depends its always hard telling the truth if it's not positive
So I try to be kind but I have to tell it as it is
Not as I wish it was if you understand
It would be wonderful to tell only good news but life isn't that wayI'm doing the new show on sky also and Ive assembled a great new team of gifted people to helpEven I doubt and don't understand the messages I get or where they are really from or why I'm accurate in my work I'm as confused as anyone else ! Why me?????
I wish people peace and remind them life is a short journey do all the good you can help as many as you can and always evolve god is watching!!!
However I do not endorse any religion
It separates people and we are all one on this earth
Thank you have a great weekend best Maurice facebook link

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