Sunday, 19 June 2016

15.06.1991 - 15-06 -2016 25 years .

who would have fought me and my wife would be married 25 years and counting .it started a long time ago when i put myself for sale in a bikers mag -back street heros -i got a couple of replies -one in aylesbury who was a bros fan and was using me to make her ex jealous ,one was a man pretending to be a woman-oh the shame-and the final one was to be my future wife who called herself sue then.anyway we phoned ,wrote letters than i met her the first time in bodmin then one more time and then i took the biggest gamble in my life in august 1988 and came to stay with her i did not know then but she told me about her children and her real name ..enid ..i would go into details but the past stays in the past and she got a divorce .i ask her to marry me in ilfracombe  jobcentre ,yes we have had ups and downs but we try to talk about everything and i fully admit i would be a different person with out  her and with this post i say i love you enid and may the years go on and we are those two people seating on a bench holding hands watching the world go by.

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