Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New sun

thank you for your interest and willingness to ask about New Sun
What inspired your band and music?
When Doug Erickson and I founded what was to become New Sun in 1991, we both came from the school of odd metered Prog music. Such as King Crimson, Yes, and Rush. Doug was also into the improvisational aspect of people like Michael Brook and Robert Fripp. Chris came from a more accessible aspect with influences such as Blue Oyster Cult and Jethro Tull.
We founded our song writing upon the notion that is should challenge the players and the listeners and make them think a bit.
Chris 'Tru' Trujillo and Alex Kley brought in other elements based around odd metered rhythmical grooves and that changed our focus a bit. To groove and not play in 4/4 meter became a big part of our process.
We all believed in the notion of telling stories both musically and lyrically that were both complex and yet accessible by any listener. And we are not tied to anyone style to achieve that goal.
What are your aims?
To put out what we write, play live when we can and just create. It is something I personally cannot stop or live without. Whether it inspires or reaches listeners is not something we can control. We write music to challenge ourselves as writers and players first. And deliver a story as best we can with lyrics and music all as one touching an emotional nerve. Something we would enjoy listening to.
What plans do you have for the future?
Our 5th album “Transitory” will be released this summer and we plan on getting out and doing some shows on the West Coast of US. If it grows and connects, we’ll look to tour Europe in 2017.
CSC has been writing music for TV/Film for 15 years and would like to expand that as well.
You can find the first singles from that album Slipstream Day and Down By Sea averrable on our website www.new-sun.com
Christopher Scott Cooper
www.new-sun.com  |  www.facebook.com/newsunband  |  www.soundcloud.com/new_sun  |  csc@new-sun.com

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