Wednesday, 27 May 2015

April ufo article a comedy friendly zombie production

Hi! I am trying to poll several questions to help create a game show for the World UFO Day Festival in Memphis, TN and need all my friends to help! There will be 25 questions in the survey. If you would please take the time to answer the questions it would be greatly appreciated! All you need to do is put the number and the answer! This is going to be a lot of fun for our participants! Thank you for your help! 
Hope to see you at the festival!                                                  
1. Name something you see in the night sky        
2. Name a constellation
3. Name something you would find on Mars
4. Name something you would find on the International Space Station
5. Name something you wouldn’t want to happen on a space mission
6. Name a planet
7. Name a famous UFO crash case
8. Name a famous UFO abduction case
9. Name a UFO TV series
10. Name a character from the X-Files 
11. Name you favorite UFO author
12. Name a major player in the Rendlesham Forest Incident
13. Give a name to an alien
14. Name your favorite space movie
15. Name a shape that can be seen in UFOs
16. If you met an alien and could only say two word what would they be
17. Name something that a field investigator should take on a UFO landing investigation
18. Name your favorite UFO magazine
19. Who’s your favorite UFO investigator
20. Where do UFOs come from
21. What is something not to say to an alien
22. Name a comet
23. Name a planet that has rings
24. Who’s your favorite character in a space movie
25. Name the shape of a galaxy

Thank you for your participation!

Moon,milky way,red rocks,coffee machines, finding an alien,earth,roswell,unknown, ufo,unknown, 2001 space oddesy,triangle, hello alien,camera, soace or other  universities, i going to shot,unknown, et,oval,thank you  ps can I put this on my blog Thank you for answering! Yes you can blog it I'll just need you to send me the answers so that I can collect them for the game! Thanks! And could you send me the address for your blog?

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