Friday, 12 May 2017

BREATHE LOVE PROJECT - Inhale love, exhale hate...Hate free zone

Dear Antony

Thank you for your interest in my work and for inviting me to share and Interview for your blog. Delighted. 

My work is to inspire to a new era for humanity, a new way of living and interacting, by loving kindness and respect

 "Fight and heal poverty, disease, ignorance, harm, hate and evil

Never fight each other for, what is not yours anyway...?

You come to this world where you receive a 'vehicle' - a body. When you leave this world of matter, your body goes back to earth. Nothing is "yours"...

You are energy and consciousness, traveling through space and time ...The energy you give is what you take with you. If during your time here you gave loving kindness, your spirit is uploaded with grace. If you spread hatred and caused pain, your spirit is burdened with the suffering you caused, burning for eternity.

Invest wisely. .. " You are welcomed to visit my FB pages and to join in the circle of Divine creation, for world peace, love and unity.


Caring for the children of the world deep at heart, the love for life and mother Earth, to a new vision and future, through mindful evolution of a New World, that I am divinely inspired to create for them.

Together we journey, illuminating with the brilliance of our Divine spark:) 

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Batsheva Dor - Good will Ambassador of Peace & Educator

Batsheva Dor is a spiritual leader for unified humanity, Internationally known "psychic of the year" {for the last 4 years in a row},  and a healer - creator of "Frequencies of Light" healing system,  who seeks to empower people to deep self-knowledge, healing & transformation


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