Monday, 9 May 2016

Northdevonfirefly 23.7.2016

To the fairy folk person inside you a visit to the show is for you, song's, dance,and more see list. ..
bands at the Faery Ball are : Spiral Navigators, Taking The Piskies, Lara Conley, The Raggle Taggles,Malachite and tigerBalm..wait dear post readers for more details. ..
contd: between 5pm and be entertained. . other entertainment at the faery ball : includes  Fire act by Draven Blaze ,Mark Norman a Devon faery Folklorist, Wolfsinger with his harp and storytelling in the bar area and UV facepainting by Abby Weir. What time can you sing along or dance. . Performers during the day from 11am to 4pm : Prismic Weave ,Threadbare Ravens, Re Turnbull, Wolfsinger (again) members of the Raggle Taggles and pirates tales and mischief from Capt'n Bachkeart o Brixham and his quartermaster Bertha...take part and you may take a little bit of fairy dust with you
Workshops : Hula hooping with project pixie workshop, Crafty Food Cafe, Sparklyfairy wings and costume workshop,Shamanic Charmbag Making Workshop ,Gemma Stacey ''meet your animal spirit guide' let this stagebe your play and music be the food  of love and please do go to see this show .

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