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To teach Goju-riyu karate to all comers, from whatever background, country or culture they may appear from.

To give confidence in a students ability to make decisions and meaningful friendships so they may find peace within themselves, know success and find prosperity in their lives.

To install the true meaning of karate, its meaning as a self defence art that has the power to install noble decency as an idividual in society.

To extend our arm across the globe, to suport the Gesar Foundation as they support us, offering friendship to the worlds vulnerable.

To do what little we can to cherish all beings, without exception, traveling through life weve alwyas the wellbeing of others in mind.


Gesar Karate logo, depicting the Namibian fish eagle, was designed by Sensei Dentlinger's Holsworthy students in England. The logo represents the skill, power, grace and beauty of movement that sensei Dentlinger wishes to transmit to his students.

It was in June 2010 that Sensei Dentlinger first met Kelsang Pawo, founder of the Gesar Foundation for children. It was at this meeting the two men agreed that the headquarters of Gesar Karate should be at the hub of Gesar world activities in Devon England.

The true history began many moons ago in Namibia. Above is merely the current story of which is being currenty build upon. May countless beings benefit from our growth.

Gesar karate evolved from Karate-Zen Namibia and Karate-zen Intenational. Our Chief instructor, Sensei Hjalmar Dentlinger, continous to train under the highly experienced namibian based instructor Shihan Husselmann.

Sensei Dentlinger from the age of 14 has dedicated himself to the traditional art of Goju-riyu karate. He is also active in sports karate and has achieved the rank of Sandan( 3rd dan), he has over ten years martial arts experience and has competed at national level (both in Namibia and England) and Africa level of competition.

Hjalmar Willi Dentlinger- born 29/12/1985 in Windhoek, Namibia.
Sensei Dentlinger started karate in 2000 under Shihan Husselmann (5th Dan) in Namibia. He trained the style of Goju-Riyu Karate. Was graded shodan by Shihan Husselmann and then Nidan by the English Karate Organisation in 2009 and Sandan in 2012 by the English Karate Organisation.

He has competed at national level in Namibia and in the UFAK Africa Games. He has also come third at the E.K.O. national championships in 2009.

His aims and goals are quite simple to make karate and all martial arts available to all by making it free to all people, at the moment there is a low fee to pay, but Sensei Dentlinger is working on bringing that down.

Competition karate is his favourite part of karate, even though he does not let the traditional side of karate down.-

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