Sunday, 14 February 2016

Last piece of Einstein’s theory of relativity in line for final ‘proof’

. The last piece of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity may be about to fall into place 100 years after he first revealed it to the world. Scientists searching for minute traces of gravitational waves, infinitesimally subtle distortions through space-time that Einstein predicted would ripple off giant black holes and dying stars millions of light years away, may be about to announce one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern physics. Whispers have been circulating for months that a hypersensitive detector spanning the breadth of the US has finally caught the elusive phenomenon. The team is expected to make a definitive announcement tomorrow (Thursday). If they have found the trail left by gravitational waves, it will be more than just a vindication of Einstein’s mathematical masterpiece. The discovery would allow stargazers to map out hidden galaxies on the other side of the universe by looking out for almost imperceptible disturbances in our own.=READ MORE =

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