Friday, 5 February 2016

Justin paton an interview

What inspired you  or your  music? 
For this solo stuff, It was, mostly, the Acid House music from the late eighties. Stuff that came from Chicago. That really made me wanna make acidic electronic dance music.
But I've also been inspired by Arthur Russell, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Chris & Cosey, Kraftwerk, Neu!, The Human League, Cluster & Prince.
Having the price drop on various TB-303 & analogue drum machine copies has also been Very inspiring, ha ha ha!

What are your aims?
I just want play gigs & release records: Simple.
For concerts I'm really open to playing all over the place because my equipment is so transportable & easy to set up. I'd love to play outside of London or even the, so-called, United Kingdom!
I also want to learn how to use my machines better, rather than the other way round!

What plans do you have for the future?
I have a couple of gigs coming up in March: DJ-ing on the 5 & playing live on the 10th.
That's it, so far...
I also have some releases due this year:
Exclusive tracks for compilations from Metronomicon Audio and Loose Lips. 
A 45rpm 12" pressed onto a 33rpm 7" for Broken Dancefloors.
A cassette release which will feature two thirty minute experimental acid pieces.
Maybe another 12" release on MottoMotto Records.....
As well as my ongoing "Live Acid" download series on Beauty & Disgust Recordings.
All my upcoming do-dahs will be on these pages:  +

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