Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to have sex the 17th Century w ay-Contents of Britain's first sex guide REVEALED

'Aritstoteles Master-Piece' - dubbed the dirtiest book of the time when published in 1684 - was sold secretly from under the counters of bookshops for centuries. The original 'lover's guide', it contains a bizarre mix of superstition and sex facts, about everything from the "actions of the genitals" to the "benefits of marriage". One chapter, entitled 'A word of advice to both sexes at the time of copulation', advises men to "creep in by little and little" to get their wives into bed. "When the husband cometh into his wives chamber, he must entertain her with all kind of dalliance, wanton behaviour, and allurements to venery," it begins.READ MORE -

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