Sunday, 28 February 2016

Battle of Hastings: Site of 'sequel' fight between sons of King Harold and the Normans tracked down to north Devon

When he was a small boy, Nick Arnold’s grandfather entertained him with stories of a gory medieval battle between Vikings and Saxons which had, according to local legend, taken place close to his home in the north Devon countryside.
Fate took Mr Arnold down the path of a career as a successful children’s science writer but he never forgot his grandfather’s tales and his decision to investigate the reality behind the folklore looks set to change the understanding of English history.
After five years of research, the author of the popular Horrible Science series has pinpointed for the first time the site of the battle as an encounter not between rampaging Vikings and Saxons but the decisive clash in the fight for control of England started by the Battle of Hastings.
A “sequel” to the confrontation which left King Harold dead at the hands of=READ MORE =

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