Saturday, 19 September 2015

justin paton an interview

QUESTIONS about music? ok, here goes: WHAT INSPIRED YOU? my brother really helped me get into music. i think i heard talking heads "remain in light" & bryne/eno "my life in the bush of ghosts" and decided i had to have a band. other than those it was the music of the time, really, early/mid 80s, so i was into Depeche Mode, Prince (& offshoots) and a little later, Acid House. Later, in the 90s, it was Krautrock & The Beach Boys that really moved me. I've always loved Indian & African music too, although i'm not sure that really comes through. ha ha! WHAT ARE YOUR AIMS? I'm always recording with an aim to get it released, somehow. preferably in "physical" form. I'm also looking for a drummer for my group. That's quite a big thing, actually..... WHAT PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE THE FUTURE? i have some solo, acid gigs (29th Oct & 4th Dec) & my band, 'Now', are playing 3rd & 30th Oct. My solo album is being released sometime next month. it'll be double-vinyl (exciting!) & 'Now' are currently finishing our CD, which may be out early 2016.... beyond that, i'd really like to take my live acid abroad, do some kind of tour. dunno.

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