Wednesday, 16 September 2015

“I 100 percent believe there is life outside of Earth” — Four Year Strong shares their love for aliens

It’s no surprise the easycore champions Four Year Strong are pop-culture nerds, but one thing you might’ve passed over is the band’s love for a surprising topic: aliens. In fact, the group set out on their most recent tour with Defeater, Expire and Speak Low with an arsenal of merch and creepy intro music dedicated to the freaky wonders of the universe. The group has even traveled all over the U.S. visiting the sites of their most beloved genre of entertainment during their down-time on tour. We spoke with guitarist (and possible extraterrestrial himself) Dan O’Connor to find out more about the group’s obsession.
I went to your tour kickoff in Cleveland two weeks ago and noticed you had some merch items with aliens on them. Also, you wore a shirt referencing the 1940s’ Roswell UFO incident. Definitely got me thinking, do you guys believe in aliens?
DAN O’CONNOR: [Bassist] Joe [Weiss] and myself have been really longtime fans of alien lore, TV shows and films [about the supernatural]. We both grew up watching The X-Files. One of our favorite movies is Fire In The Sky and when I was in sixth grade, I did my science project on “Aliens: Fact or Fiction?” Just this past year on one of our tours, we made it to Roswell, New Mexico, which is super-cool; they have all sorts of cool alien museums and [stuff] about the crash that happened there. I’ve always been interested in it, I’ve always been a big space guy too. I watch a lot of space documentaries and a lot of science-based and cryptozoology-based [programs] like Bigfoot read more

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