Saturday, 22 February 2014


Never  wore helmets with horns on.Excavations of viking sites uncovered tweezers,combs,razors,ear cleaners and thier bathed at least once a week.Viking woman could inherit property,request divorce,reclaim dowry payments thier parents give thier husbands.Used primitive ski,s and skied for fun.Used soap containing lye which bleached hair,beards for fashion and killed lice.Applied dark eyeliner to make eyes look whitier.Filed horizonal lines in thier teeth  and coloured the marks with red resin to look fiecier .Wore baggy trousers down to knee,fastened shut with small clasps.The viking woman loved bling- brooches,dragon-headed pin.Boiled fungus in human uraine which created a substance which smouldered so they could carry a spark to light fires when on the move.

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