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 J.T. Madicus — author, producer, medical activist, and entrepreneur on his new medical drama/thriller novel with real-life medical science, No Second Chances, the first novel of five in the Final Diagnosis series. Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances is a thriller novel that also teaches you medicine. Embedded within the captivating plot are real-life medical scenarios where the reader can watch the heroes analyze, diagnose and treat patients. The characters and the plot are fiction, but the medical cases are real. You'll be learning medicine, but it won't feel like any kind of study that you've done before! The novel series tackles hard-hitting themes and realities of the American Medical Industry, including: Medical students are suffering. ⅓ medical students experience symptoms of depression at some point in their lives. Suicide rates among doctors and medical students are astronomical. America is heading towards a catastrophic shortage of doctors, among others. Truth behind disease, insurance and medical community Additionally, the first novel has already taken life into the form of a film and is set to premiere in May 2020. The novels and the upcoming film are consistent with J. T. Madicus’s philosophy to revolutionize medical education and bring it into the 21st century. The psychological tension, depth of characters, and fast-paced plot will be entertaining to the average reader as well as the medical expert. The novel will be available for purchase on Amazon next month. I look forward to booking a J.T. Madicus interview with you.

Narcissist. Alcoholic. Drug addict. These are not typically qualities we look for when choosing a doctor. But this isn’t the world your parents grew up in. In troubled times, perhaps only a hero with a history of sin and enough character flaws to fill a textbook can get the job done. After all, one man’s insanity is another’s genius.

It’s no wonder they need Tseng alive. His medical skills are without match. With just a glance, he can deduce things about a person they barely even know about themselves. But his enemies are relentless. And his personality… well. If the bullets don’t do the job, the pills probably will.

Far from home, Tseng and his sidekicks of troubled yet talented doctors must solve complex medical mysteries, all the while staying one step ahead of the dark forces that want them dead. Tseng’s past may, however, be the greatest riddle of all.

The first book in the Final Diagnosis series, No Second Chances is a tale of mystery, suspense, and drama based on real medical knowledge. It is the inspiration for the upcoming feature film, "No Second Chances," that is currently in post-production.

"Intelligently written plot entangled with medical insights"
- Blue Book Reviews

Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances: A Medical Drama Thriller Kindle Edition

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