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Hi Mark, 

I really appreciate the opportunity to get the word out about my book !!

I started writing it a number of times, the first chapter kept going round and round in my head like an ear worm !!  I was dreaming it, living it, being kept awake by it, so I decided to put it down on paper, if only to get a chance of some sleep!!  I wrote most of it then got disheartened and left it on a shelf to gather dust, it was only after making contact with a couple of author friends via the internet that I actually felt able to take the plunge and get it published!!

The authors in question are Keith McCloskey, author of The Dyatolov Pass Incident, and Return to Dyatolov Pass.  Also Bill Bradshaw, author of From the Horses Mouth, A Jailers Tale and his new book Hello Welcome which is about to hit the book shops.

I sent Bill a sample chapter for a bit of advice, he was amazingly encouraging and gave me the impetus to get another couple of chapters on paper and seek publication.  The first three publishers I sent it to all accepted the book and wanted to publish, however, they all wanted me to sell and Kidney in order to do so !!  That's where Keith stepped in, he was pretty scathing about that type of publisher and advised me to do as he had just done, and publish through Amazon, which has worked out really well, it's just the hard work of getting it noticed now !!

Charlotte is now 18 and is suffering from severe Autism, severe Epilepsy, severe learning and speech delays.  She is generally a happy bunny, however, she can turn on a sixpence and will cross the room to give you a thump !!  Nowadays she is taller than me, so it really hurts if she catches you unawares!! 

I have another book I am working on currently and plan a follow up to this one about Charlotte.  

The other one I am working on is based on the amazing stories my mom told me as a youngster about her and her sisters growing up in the War years, one married a GI and went to live in the US, one had a couple of children with another GI, in addition to the 2 she already had with her husband, who was away in Grand Bahama for 7 years looking after Edward and Mrs Simpson - he had a lovely War, I strongly suspect I have a great many 'relatives' in Grand Bahama !!  My mom was only 15 when the War ended and I suspect had seen and heard more about life than many young people in that day and age could have ever dreamed of!!  It's a very gritty, down to Earth story so far...lots of work to do on that one yet !!
I have put the synopsis below and a note of the reviews I have had from the publishers and Bill.  I have some really lovely reviews on Amazon too.

Let me know if you need anything else, and Thank You once again for this opportunity!!


Jo Coombe

Charlotte Elizabeth is often precocious, cute and cuddlesome, however, when the Evil Twin surfaces any number of disasters may ensue!  A heart-warming and often humorous story about a mother’s journey to understand and accept her daughter’s Autism.  Together they navigate the highs and lows, the tears and the laughter that forge the bittersweet path of life. ‘The Chronicles of Charlotte Elizabeth’ is their story.'
‘A heart-warming and engaging read’ Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd, London.
‘your book is well-written with an absorbing and heart-warming narrative, we see potential in the work. We believe that it deserves a chance to reach the general readership’, Olympia Publications, London.
‘The Chronicles of Charlotte Elizabeth’ is wonderfully engaging, beautifully written, surprisingly funny, steeped in love and honesty.  Bill Bradshaw, Author, Playwright whose works include ‘From the Horses Mouth – A Jailer’s Tale and also the upcoming novel ‘Hello Welcome’.

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