Wednesday, 26 July 2017


WHAT INSPIRED YOU?  inspiration for work - the huge variety in colours and textures of the yarns, the creativity, constantly learning new ways of doing things, WHAT ARE YOUR AIMS?aims - to get the world addicted to yarn lol, there are great benefits to be gained from doing any type of craft and if i can help people to gain confidence to have a go or progress and develope whether its in knitting and crochet or one of the other crafts we do in our workshops then that's brilliant,WHAT PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE FUTURE?  future - to build up the business, the busier i am the more variety i will be able to provide also the busier i am the more the shop will turn into a little community where yarnie(probably not a real word) people can meet, and to continue converting the world to knitting one stitch at a time, not sure this is how you were wanting the questions answered, if there is anything else you want to know please ask, you are most welcome to pop into the shop if you want to take any photos or find out more about the shop 

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