Sunday, 2 July 2017

Cavemen visited ancient dentists and cleaned their gnashers with toothpicks made from BONE

Experts found Neanderthals used toothpicks crafted out of bone, wood or grass to tackle troublesome teeth.Lab tests reveal multiple grooves and other marks on ancient Neanderthal gnashers that prove our prehistoric relatives were trying to tackle their sore gums.
Scientists claim the scratches on the teeth indicate they were likely causing discomfort for some time for the sufferer.
And they were using primitive dentistry to treat it.
As well as having several toothpick grooves, they found the premolars and molars were pushed out of their normal positions.
Professor David Frayer, an anthropologist at Kansas University, said: “The toothpick grooves…show us Neanderthals were doing something inside their mouths to treat the dental irritation.
“The scratches indicate this individual was pushing something into his or her mouth to get at that twisted more

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