Friday, 26 May 2017

Barbara Raines memory of my mum

What can I say about the person I knew as my mum;the person who brought me -mark ;nicky;joanne;jayne into the world. Mum was the one who never told me off when I bunked off school or put a football  through the front room window. She was married to my  dad -Paul Tony Raines who died 13.05.2013;for nearly fifty years. She was not perfect as obsessive with her cleaning but I will  always remember her taking me and Nicky for a meal after work -then as a cleaner at southend hospital I enjoyed the banana split for afters. I would ring  her every week for a chat and she always give to all her grandchildren. Still least she got to see us all get married and see her girls have children if their own. So how do I say goodbye to my mum with a gaze into the Stars and hope she is looking down on me and my sisters and extended family so we can say thank you for being  my mum. -</div>


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end of an era

Today I have had to stop doing the various blogs i have done due to a site i have used for years suddenly changed how to access information....