Sunday, 30 April 2017

Wing tsun martial arts

Tan sau punch..... Before throw punch point your weaker hand at nose of attacker it confusing to them and acts as a blocking move then follow through with the punch using stronger hand. Double eye gouge... A strike and defence against an accident attacker using both hands to grab your head or strangle you. Raise your arms above your head and clench hands together then slam down your side breaking attacker's grip who's body will go down and you will be able to slide your hands up and jab them in eyes. Deflect a heavy attack... Position your body to the side of your attacker rib with a punch or kick then pull the attacker down towards you and using an elbow strike them in a vital area part.. Temple of neck, throat. Wooden dummy technique... From this defensive position you can can target all assailants weak points at same time and respond to their attack with a swift palm to ribs and a kick to the knee this will bring them down or lease make them smaller so you can follow up. Kup Jan... Key to self defense is to channel all your force in one small point such as the elbow, with this move aim for Bridge of the nose and if your attacker recoils your your elbow will hit their throat, collar bone or chest and this move is difficult to defend against. Other self defence tips.... Use shortest and most direct route of attack, defend and attack simultaneously, hit vital areas.. Eyes, throat, ears, groin, strike from the centre so your attacker does not see it coming, use anything as a weapon.

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