Sunday, 30 April 2017

Matt Harvey interviewed

What inspired me?

As a child and a teenager I had lots of scary experiences. Shadows would dart around my room as a kid, my pillow was forcefully pulled from my arms as I was trying to sleep, the closet door would open and a man would be in there and as I got into my teens we moved to a house that was way worse. This house is where I got my start into ghost hunting. I seemed to be home alone often. I always had strange scary experiences. Everything from seeing a black hooded figure, cold spots in the middle of summer when it was 80 degrees in the house, having the closet door open on it's own and having something peer out the blinds at me when no one was home and something walking around in the attic. That was the day my girlfriend now my wife said to me ( you can't be afraid of that thing). That is the day I started investigating the house. The more I investigated, the more I was hooked. My wife really was the one who inspired me. 22 years later, I am still investigating the paranormal. 

What are my aims?

My aims are to continue to investigate ghosts / demonic activity in homes and other locations. To continue my research into other paranormal creatures / activity. I want to collect conclusive data that show that they are real. I would also like to expand my research into other things more like UFOs and other phenomenon in the paranormal. 

My plans for the future? 

My plans are to try and do more Bigfoot research, still help those in need with ghosts at there location, continue to search out more new locations to research the paranormal, be it ghosts, UFOs or other cryptozoological creatures and continue to learn and grow as a paranormal investigator. Getting my own show or being able to get a sponsor to help fund my research would be great. 

Thank you for allowing me to answers your questions.

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