Sunday, 5 March 2017

Treasure hunters find oldest ever hoard of Iron Age GOLD in British field

Staffordshire County Council handout photo of one of the gold torcs which where discovered on Staffordshire farmland by Joe Kania and Mark HambletonTREASURE hunters have found the oldest Iron Age gold jewellery ever discovered in Britain.
Pals Mark Hambleton and Joe Kania found the stash – named the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs – buried in a muddy Staffordshire field in December last year.The pair found three necklaces and a bracelet made of near-solid 18 carat gold in farmland in Leekfrith, in the Staffordshire Moorlands.
They have been eagerly awaiting an inquest, which took place today and confirmed that the items are the real deal.
Amateur metal detector fanatic Hambleton, 59, admitted that he has been sleeping with the haul next to his bed.

He said he searched the same field once before about 20 years ago, but without success.
After scouring the ground in the mid-winter cold last year, he was ready to call it a day when suddenly pal Mr Kania got a signal.
Mr Hambleton said: “We have found the odd Victorian coin, but mostly it has just been junk.”
“Joe said to me ‘I think I’ve found something a bit special’ and he was dangling it in front of my face.
“That’s when I started to get a bit dizzy and weak at the knees.
“I said to him ‘You know what this means – we have to search the area now’.”-read more

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