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Dame Vera Lynn who has recently turned 100 years old and a huge part of helping to keep morale during world war two has had numerous artist,s borrow from her work.DR .Strangelove-1964-we,ll meet again is played over shot,s of atomic bomb,s falling through out the world ,we,ll meet again is also usedin King Kong Island-2017-The Ides of March-2011-Hellboy-2004-The Muppets Go To The Moves,Vera Lynn is cockney rhyming slang for a cigarette paper -vera lynn-skin and in the song Ebenezzer Goode by The Shaman has the line -has anybody got any vera,s?lovely.Other artist,s who have referanced Veral Lynn are-Pink Floyd-The Wall-doe,s anyone here remember vera lynn?how she,d meet us again some suuny day-rapper-Mdot-esampled the white cliff,s of dover on track How I,m Livin,The Kinks-Mr Churchhill-we gotta fight the bloody war to the very end/as vera lynn would say/we,ll meet again someday-Gary Numan -War Songs-old men love war sons /love vera lynn/old men love war sons/now i,m vera lynn.And in a survey by the bereavement register says we,ll meet again is the 19th most popular song played at british funeral,s.

Crickets sing same love song

Scientist,s have found that cricket,s sing the same love song today as ancestor,s did 200 million year,s ago .

Britain's first tattoo artist opened his salon in 1894 and offered body art to customers at his salon on top of a Turkish bathhouse in London

Sutherland MacDonald, widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of his day, opened a shop in the St James's' area of Westminster in 1894. Pictured: One of MacDonald's works as created circa 1897Tattooing customers in a small salon above a Turkish bathhouse in London, Britain's first ever professional tattoo artist launched his trade in the capital in 1894.
Sutherland MacDonald, widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of his day, opened a shop in the St James's' area of Westminster and spent his entire career offering body art from the location.
Since then, tattooing has become integrated in modern culture drawing a vast audience from all walks of life – including high-profile celebrities such as David Beckham and Angelina Jolie.
Now, a new exhibition is set to launch to offer a fascinating insight into its long and rich history.
Tattoo London, which will run at the Museum of London, will rediscover the history of professional tattooing in the capital, as well as revealing life inside

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Electromyography (EMG) is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG is performed using an instrument called an electromyograph to produce a record called an electromyogram.The other day i had this test and as you can see it invovles gettting a electric shock sent to my hands,wrist and below elbow on both sides and yes it did hurt especially on my left side below elbow done at n.d.d .h ,devon .

March 29 2017.

This is the date that artile 50 is said to evoke the start of britain exit from eurpean union or brexit.It is hoped it will take 2 years for 27 states of european coucil and parliment to vote on a deal.Its possible it may take longer as if a unanimous decision is not reached by the 27 states and britain is is very likely.

Compensation from Nazi,s.

It,s hard to believe but only 868 brit,s got compensation from the nazi,s duringworld war two revvealed in secret papers.The ony payouts were to relative,s of great escape p.o.w,s murdered after tunnelling out of stalay iii ,famalies of s.a.s hero,s ,german goverment made 1 million punds availabe in compo in 1966.


A dragon,s den  style contest called Cell Pitch was held at Wandworth Jail to teach prisoners how to launch their own business .The 500 - pound prize went to a mobile car wash that employ,s ex -convicts,other idea,s  submitted by 10 prisoner,s  were o.a.p,s beauty serviceand a caribbean resturant.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

New support group to open at the Longhouse

A NEW support group called ‘After Caring’ will open in North Devon Hospice’s outreach centre the Longhouse in Holsworthy.
After Caring is a free service, supported by Lloyds Bank Foundation, and aims to provide support for carers who are facing the end of their caring role.
The support group sessions will be held at the Longhouse on the third Monday of each month, giving carers and former carers the opportunity to talk to someone who understands and to get support from others going through the same thing.
Everyone is different and will handle a situation like this differently; it can be hard at times to predict what people are ready for. The support workers will help to prioritise and give information based on what a person is interested in.
Those attending might want to know more about activities in the local area or may have financial queries — the group will be able to help provide support and get people the help they need.-read more

UK schoolboy corrects Nasa data error

A British teenager has contacted scientists at Nasa to point out an error in a set of their own data.
A-level student Miles Soloman found that radiation sensors on the International Space Station (ISS) were recording false data.
The 17-year-old from Tapton school in Sheffield said it was "pretty cool" to email the space agency.
The correction was said to be "appreciated" by Nasa, which invited him to help analyse the problem.
"What we got given was a lot of spreadsheets, which is a lot more interesting than it sounds," Miles told BBC Radio 4's World at One programme.
The research was part of the TimPix project from the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS), which gives students across the UK the chance to work on data from the space station, looking for anomalies and patterns that might lead to further discoveries.
During UK astronaut Tim Peake's stay on the station, detectors began recording the radiation levels on the ISS.-read more and see video

Friday, 24 March 2017

Cornflakes saga

When going to have a bowl of cornflakes i found a foreign object in  them so decided to make a complaint and got this reply.
Kellogg's Logo

Hello Mark

Thank you for letting us know that you found an unknown object in your cereal. We are sorry about this and appreciate the opportunity to make it right.

Hoping to restore your faith in us I’ll send you some vouchers which should arrive with you shortly. You can replace the cereal or try one of our other foods.

When we receive a report such as yours, we prefer to retrieve the sample so that we can determine how it may have occurred and work with our quality and manufacturing teams to take any necessary corrective action.

I will also enclose a pre-paid envelope for you to return the sample, the pack and remaining product.

Please do not alter the sample or product in any way, such as wrapping in paper towel or taping to paper, as this hinders our examination of the item. To assist you in returning the sample to us please use the enclosed clear bag.

In the absence of the product concerned, together with the packet which would have provided the line number, time and date of manufacture I am unable to carry out a thorough investigation.

Thank you again for contacting us, we really appreciate the time you have taken to let us know about your experience.

If you have further information you would like to provide, please click here.

Please do not use your “reply” button to respond to this e-mail.   Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.

Yours sincerely

Svetlana Pushkova
Consumer Affairs Representative


Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hi Mark

What is Bowen?

A very light touch, complementary therapy where gentle rolling moves are made on specific areas of the body interspersed with breaks. The aim being to bring awareness back to specific areas and allow the body to rebalance and initiate the healing process. If nothing else it is very relaxing and puts the body and mind into a much better place

How did I get into it?

I had a disabled horse, a friend suggested Bowen Therapy for him. As he was a big softy I wanted to check out what Bowen was before subjecting him to it…. I had a treatment and thought is was very weird, the practitioner kept leaving the room! I thought it was a con paying for an hour when someone was out of the room for half of that time!!! However despite that my long term back issues got better and I felt great. When my horse had treatments it helped keep him out of pain and thus gave him better quality of life.

At that point I decided to train myself so gave up a management career to become a Bowen Therapist. Way less well paid but so much more fulfilling….

I now mostly specialise in humans and dogs.

What I like is that there can be no placebo effect with an animal. Once they understand the treatment they actually turn their body to show me where to work. Even if its not where the pain would seem to be, when I work on the area they tell me they get better…

I personally believe that given the right set of circumstances all bodies can get to a better place. I work with people from athletes to disabled people, babies and those in end of life care. How much improvement bodies get depends on where they are at that time, it is never too late to improve quality of life even if just a little.

Just in case here are a couple of examples…

A young girl age 12, was a gymnast came to me with a bad leg. Following an accident she could not move her leg, take any weight on it, and the muscles were wasting etc. She has had scans, MRI, seen neurologists and had extensive physio therapy to no avail. No one really know what to do. Out of desperation they visited me. I only ever treated this girl twice, a week apart. After the first treatment she could move her toes and foot, after the second treatment she could walk and weightbare . Fun stuff!

A dog one –

A dog collapsed and could not move its back legs. The vet told the owner to get ready to put it to sleep as the “reflexes” had even gone from the back legs. I met the owner by “accident” (if you believe in accidents – I don’t!). I treated the dog every 3 days with Bowen and a super pulsed laser (pulses 80 000 time per second, great for healing). Within 2 weeks the dog could move her legs, and could walk, albe it a bit wobbly. 2 weeks after that and the dog could walk, run and was happy. 6 months later the dog had puppies!   (NOT my idea!)

The kind of thing I see in clinic are:

Frozen shoulders

Any aching joints, muscles, sprains & strains

Long term pain conditions (my fav)

Stress related issues

Stiff necks and back pain


All kinds of thing really!


Im working on getting a caravan so I can take a treatment room to rural areas. So that people who either live very remotely or who cant easily drive can have a treatment in a nice mobile treatment room. That is work in progress tho as looking for a donated caravan as I offer low cost treatment to disabled and elderly people.

I really hope this is something like you had in mind.  If not let me know and I will try again!---  I recently did a leaflet about the dangers of dogs pulling on leads if you want that as well. Its a pdf at the moment.  I won't be offended if thats not you thing.

I had a read of your blog - its really interesting, thank you.

Anyway hope is is something like what you had in mind..
Thanks and hope you had a good taichi class today. Im hoping to join you advanced guys after Easter...

Giving the body a voice.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Monopoly gets new counters

New counters have replaced the wheelbarrow, thimble, boot in the game of monopoly. The new replacement, s are tyrannosarus or t_rex for short, penguin, duck  al voted by the public to be the new figures to go around the board when playing.

Cheetah goes loose at reserve

A family had to hide in the zoos toilet after a 2 year old cheetah called kitwana escaped it's enclosure. Keepers at Lympne reserve zoo, near Hythe, Kent coaxed  kitwana back into its enclosure with some meat, the local  council who issued zoo licence are investigating the cheetah, s escape.

Poop scoop bags need ads

A council in Bexley, South  East  London are asking business to advertise on poop scoop bags  that it hands out to dog owners.

Red nose day,March 24th Friday 2017

I am hoping to raise money  by asking people to donate a small amount of a 1 pound coin as a little can do big things, if no success at least tried

Victorian diseases live and kicking today

In a  shocking article in the paper the following diseases are being seen in  hospital admissions ,rickets. ..bone disease caused by lack of vitamin d due to poor diet, lack of sun, gout. .rich diet, too much booze  creates  uric acid in blood, scarlet fever. .mainly effects children. .causes red rash, highly  contagious, seems history does  repeat it's self

Polar dinosaurs

Polar dinosaurs roamed the earth, too, in polar forests: What we learned from Weird Dinosaurs

It fell from the sky

IT FELL FROM THE SKY: Panic as 'UFO' crashes to Earth over Colombia

Earth image

Coral reef

Solar system

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Resurgent Ireland deny England grand slam

Ireland stunned England 13-9 in the Six Nations on Saturday to deny their old rivals a second successive grand slam and end their hopes of a world record 19th victory in a row.
Joe Schmidt's Irish team secured a top seeding for the 2019 World Cup draw as a try by lock Iain Henderson after 23 minutes proved the difference between the sides.
While England improved after being completely dominated in the first half, they failed to make a serious dent in the Irish defence.
England won the tournament last week with a 61-21 thrashing of Scotland, but they collected the Six Nations trophy in a downbeat mood as the third English side in 16 years to be denied a grand slam in Dublin on the final day of the tournament.
"We didn't slam it but, hey-ho, we're still the champions," said England captain Dylan Hartley. "Full credit to Ireland. They put us under unbelievable pressure."
England lost in 2001 and 2011 but hammered Ireland in a grand slam decider in the old Lansdowne Road in 2003, months before they won the World Cup.
The win also denied England a tier-one record of 19 consecutive wins just four months after Ireland prevented world champions New Zealand from reaching the same milestone with a 40-29 win in November.

Boaty McBoatface' loaded for Friday departure

Boaty McBoatfaceBoaty McBoatface" has just been loaded aboard the UK's polar ship, the RRS James Clark Ross.
The yellow submarine is currently in Punta Arenas, Chile, and is due to sail for the Southern Ocean on Friday.
Scientists will use the robot to survey cold, deep waters that help to regulate Earth's climate.
The 3.5m-long sub was given the name that a public poll had suggested - but which ministers subsequently blocked - go on the JCR's replacement.
No matter - there is still enormous interest in the humorous moniker and the autonomous vehicles that will carry it underwater.-read more

Monday, 13 March 2017

English karate organisation and Dave sharkey 8th information and interview

ENGLISH KARATE ORGANISATION EUROPEAN KARATE ORGANISATION   First Class Associations for First Class Martial Artists! Chairman and Chief Instructor - Dave Sharkey 8th Dan OFFICIAL RECOGNITION FOR CLUBS, INSTRUCTORS AND STUDENTS ABSOLUTELY NO INTFERENCE IN THE RUNNING OF YOUR CLUB RECOGNISED GRADING AUTHORITY FOR CLUB INSTRUCTORS REGULAR NEWSLETTERS AND COURSE OPPORTUNITIES OUR OWN ACCLAIMED CHAMPIONSHIPS EACH YEAR FREE 5 MILLION LIABILITY INSURANCE COVER COACHING AND REFEREEING QUALIFICATIONS ALL YOUR PRESENT GRADES ACCEPTED FULL TIME OFFICE ADMIMSTRATION GOVERNING BODY RECOGNITION CHILD PROTECTION POLICY If you are an instructor in the martial arts we are delighted to be able to offer your self and your students membership and officially recognised approval, whether you practice a traditional, modern, sport or competition orientated art. There is NO joining and NO annual fee for your club to be part of us. You will have no interference from us whatsoever in the running of your club. You'll be left free to make your own decisions and although we offer course opportunities and events throughout the year, culminating in our own highly acclaimed Championships, there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to participate in any of them if you do not wish to do so. Becoming part of us means you will belong to what is perhaps the World's most prestigious association and receive many benefits as such, including regular newsletters to keep you informed and you will of course also have international status and recognition. We are a very professional yet friendly association, have a full time office and are always available to help and advise you, as along with yourself, our aim is for your club to grow stronger and develop along the lines you wish. Perhaps however, you do not have a club but would like to start one, then let us know. We can tell you how to become a success. Simply write for details to; 12 Kendal Grove, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 0PS or email     Private tuition and Club courses available The English and European Karate Organisation Championships are held annually each March. The following interview will give you an insight into  Sensei Dave Sharkey 8th Dan,  the 'force' behind the E.K.O. Sensei, what made you take up karate ? DS: It was in 1962 when I saw an advertisement for this, what was then, mystical art called 'karate', I decided to try it and I've never looked back since ! The style practiced was Shotokai and we had several courses under Sensei Harada in those early years. Then around 1965 I changed over to Wado Ryu because it became much easier to get Japanese instruction, there was a sudden influx of Japanese Sensei's from this style around that time and I remember how I used to chase up and down the country following them as they travelled from club to club. There were very few dojo's in the Midlands - or anywhere else for that matter ! - in those days and everyone used to help each other out with invitations to train. Through that happening, I found myself training in more and more Shotokan dojo's until finally I changed over to that style in 1970. It is the Shotokan style I've followed ever since, though I wouldn't describe myself as blinkered, I adopt and use anything I think is worth while from other styles. I think it is important however for everyone to have a strong base of kihon and kata in a recognised style, preserving and passing these basic skills on to students is more important than the passing on of an individual's fighting skills. Who has influenced you the most in your karate career ? DS: I am indebted to many Sensei's for my knowledge and development but I hesitate to give a 'list' as I consider it would be wrong for me to name individuals, leaving out someone who has helped me along my path, in even a small way, would be disrespectful to them. Also many factors have influenced my karate apart from the purely physical aspect, for example, I might have seen someone behaving in a particular way at a course, championships or in general life and thought it was a good example to follow, equally others have shown me how not to conduct myself ! Therefore both good and bad things can help us in the development of our karate, because karate is more than just developing our physical actions, it's about developing our whole being. Character and technical knowledge will remain with us when the physical side of our practice is reduced by age or illness, so if the physical is all we have acquired, then eventually we'll have nothing. What has impressed you most in karate over the years ? DS: I am impressed by everyone as long as they are trying their best. Even beginners who try really hard to learn, what to them are strange new moves, deserve admiration and respect. Everyone will have different standards but as long as someone is doing their best, really doing their best, then we can ask for no more. Then what has disillusioned you the most ? DS: People who enter competitions with the sole aim of 'winning' and simply practice 'scoring' techniques in their training. They should realise that trophies on the shelf measure short term gains, long term success is measured in terms of respect which cannot be competed for, only earned. Is it difficult living a life totally dedicated to karate ? DS: Well of course it can be, but you must realise I'm doing what I love. The daily practice, and disciplined life style required may seem so harsh to others, but it is the price I pay to develop myself as a karate-ka. As you know, life must be a balance. What would you say are your positive and negative sides? DS: I believe only others can decide what is positive about us, after all self praise means nothing. But I believe you have supported charities over the years, surely this is positive ? DS: Hopefully, but no matter what good we do we can always do better. What do you think is a negative aspect then ? DS: The fact that I can never sit back and say I'm satisfied. After more than 50 years training, how are you able to keep yourself motivated ? DS: You cannot force yourself to be motivated just as you cannot make yourself love a particular type of food, there has to be an internal desire, passion, call it what you will ! I'm very lucky in the fact that through this desire I have inside I enjoy karate as much now as when I first started, perhaps even more ! I never regard my daily training as a chore, to be got out of the way, it's something I want to do and with the endless variety of practice available through kihon, kata and kumite, it's impossible to become tired and fed up. As long as the passion is there, I'll never be bored with karate ! In practical terms, do you think kata has any real value in training ? DS: Absolutely ! Apart from passing on the history and the technical points of a particular style, much benefit can be gained from them. In the practical sense, kata applications must be learnt and the more advanced a student becomes the deeper they should search for understanding in this area. Things like head butts, throws and gouging are all contained within the bunkai of the kata ! Yet people who just pass through karate or perhaps don't have a good instructor, see only the superficial impractical blocks and attacks, they then think kata is useless in practical terms. In reality everything is there for the taking, we just need to look for it. Do you feel you are a master of karate now ? DS: Absolutely not ! I am just doing my best as a karate-ka to improve all aspects of my art and in turn pass on my knowledge to those who wish to receive it, I am simply a student. I'm bemused at those people who train for a few years, invent new styles and then describe themselves as 'masters', but that's up to them, everyone is free to follow their own path and choose between right and wrong. Have you ever had to use your knowledge outside the dojo ? DS: Yes, I use it every day, alertness, discipline, motivation, they all assist us in our everyday lives and applied correctly help us succeed in our desired goals. As I've said, people who simply learn the physical movements are losing out in the long term by not realising their full potential in life, let alone their karate. However, I understand the meaning of your question but see no value in relating particular tales, after all, finding trouble is easy for anyone, avoiding confrontation is the hard part. Have you suffered many injuries over the years ? DS: Unfortunately I suppose every 'old school' martial artist has collected their fair share of injuries over the years as it's a by-product of what we do, though as practiced now, karate is a great deal more 'user friendly' than it used to be in the early days. In my case, apart from the usual broken ribs and fingers, top spot goes to a fractured skull, courtesy of an early Sensei's mawashigeri ! Do you think beginners nowadays have a different attitude to karate ? DS: In these modern times people are less patient than they used to be and students are all looking for a five minute wonder. Unfortunately real skill can't be gained overnight and so people must make a choice about what it really is they want to learn. Do you think it's easier for people to learn karate now than it used to be ? DS: There are certainly a lot more clubs around now although quantity does nor necessarily mean quality! A student need to be very careful about which club they join and choose one which is with a major association such as our own English Karate Organisation wne where the instructor has recognised coahing qualifications and a good training history. Tell us about the English Karate Organisation. DS: As you know, the E.K.O. is a highly respected association which I enjoy running immensely and I think that's the secret of its success, the fact that I'm enjoying running it! I'm very fortunate that I love the administration side of karate as well as the practical and I believe that too many associations are being run by people who have lost their enthusiasm but nevertheless keep on half heartedly operating and of course the loosers are the instructors and clubs who belong to them and I think that the high fees they pay and poor service they receive is normal! At the E.K.O. I am available personally 7 days a week for our members and pride ourselves in clearing all letters and phone calls the same day, this is the service the club secretaries and instructors need to ensure their clubs are successful - they get it with us and at low fees. You also have the European Karate Organisation of course? DS: Yes, and it's expanding all the time but although it keeps me very busy, as I've said before I'm doing what I love so it's pure pleasure. Finally, is there any way you'd like yourself to be remembered by the karate fraternity. DS: I'd just like to be thought of as someone who has always done their best to foster the true ideals of katate-do. Sensei, thank you most kindly for the interview. DS: Thank you, I hope my views are a help to others.   .     BACK TO THE TOP  

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i have created a group on facebook as a form of help as i have a mild form of small vessel disease which effects my memory,speech,understanding of conservations and more and when i  loOK ed for help i found none  -


I was inspired to do this after listening to   letters on radio 5 .We meet in what some may say is a little bit odd due to fact i put myself for sale in a bikers mag called back street heros and got 3 replies.The first reply was a girl from who wasinto bros and when went up to visit realised i was only being used to make old boy friend anger ,second wa a man pretending to be a woman but the less said about that the better and so finally my future wife got in contact but then she was giong by a different name .Me and enid wrote and i talked her from a phonebox ,no moblies as 80s-as often as poissible i then met her for the first time in bodmin after an eight hour journey from southend-on -sea essex and we hit it off ,later i found out she was married with 3 children and i made the dicisio to take a lap of faith so i left sessex in 1988 ,august and be in devon since.We have had highs and lows but we still love each other and that isall you need .

Georgey Spanswick-RADIO DEVON AND ME

I sent an e mail to the Georgy Spanswick show telling them my pick for song s for the item about records being your first ,last,everything with the reasons behind my choices and my phone number and name.I had a phone call from a producer or reseacher and we had a chat about my choices and a little about myself and he informed me i would be on the show on 9-03-2017  about 8.30pm.So that thursday i was rung about 8.25 pm and to to hold the line before going on air ,you can hear the music being played on show then i was onn air and begain a lovely chat with georgey who soon put me at ease and we discussed reasons behind songs and then my everything song was payed and i was off air.see video

Do You Sometimes Go Blank?

Changing one’s habitual way of living becomes tough if your Mind resists the change too much. You may have willingness to change, but the Mind may not support you easily in the process. I have seen this pattern with my clients and also with me at times. We (to be specific, our Mind) seek permanence. We are used to the way we live (even though the current way of living is not supporting us). Changing it may not be comfortable for our mind. We may go blank during this time! We feel that our mind is jammed. Some may feel extremely tired even though they have not done any major physical or mental work. You may not get any new ideas or may not understand what is going on with and around you. This feeling state prevents you from progressing in the right direction. You may be attempting to act against your habitual way of acting, but the mind may not go with you. It will go blank and you may feel alienated for sometime. Reasons for Going Blank-Change When you want to make progress in the direction of your goal, you are required to make lots of changes with your mind. You need to learn new way of looking at life and also behving in a new way to create the results you want. As told before, the mind seeks for permanence. Remaining in the known is easier than changing for the good.-read more

Satao II: One of Africa's last giant tusker elephants is killed 'with poison arrow' in Kenya

satao-2.jpgOne of Kenya’s last tusker elephants has been killed by poachers, conservationists have said. Satao II's body was found during a routine aerial reconnaissance by the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) near the Voi river in Tsavo East National Park, according to the Tsavo Trust, a non profit conservation group which helps manage the park. While the cause of death is unknown, the trust said it was "believed to be from poisoned arrow".read more

Rhino shot dead by poachers at French zoo

Vince was found dead by staff at Thoiry zoo in France on Tuesday morning.Vince was found dead by staff at Thoiry zoo in France on Tuesday morning. Vince was found dead by staff at Thoiry zoo in France on Tuesday morning.  Kim Willsher in Paris Tuesday 7 March 2017 15.59 GMT Last modified on Wednesday 8 March 2017 09.04 GMT Poachers have broken into a French zoo, killing a four-year-old white rhinoceros and sawing off its horn. Keepers found the dead animal, named Vince, in the African enclosure of the zoo at Thoiry, west of Paris, on Tuesday morning. It had been shot in the head and its large horn removed with a chainsaw. The poachers fled before they could remove the animal’s second horn, either because they were disturbed or because their equipment failed, police said. Authorities described the incident as the first of its kind in Europe. The poachers forced a grill at the rear entrance to the zoo, near the rhinoceros enclosure. They then broke through two further locked doors into the building containing three white rhino on Monday night. “It’s possible the thieves didn’t have time to take the others,” a police spokesman said. Park director Thierry Duguet said the attack was “unbelievable” and that Vince had been one of the most popular attractions at the zoo. “It’s extremely shocking,” Duguet told 20 Minutes newspaper. “An act of such-read more


 First of all, what is cognition? Cognition has to do with how a person understands the world and acts in it. It is the set of mental abilities or processes that are part of nearly every human action while we are awake. Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills we need to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex. They have more to do with the mechanisms of how we learn, remember, problem-solve, and pay attention, rather than with any actual knowledge. For instance, answering the telephone involves perception (hearing the ring tone), decision taking (answering or not), motor skill (lifting the receiver), language skills (talking and understanding language), social skills (interpreting tone of voice and interacting properly with another human being). Cognitive abilities or skills are supported by specific neuronal networks. For instance memory skills rely mainly on parts of the temporal lobes and parts of the frontal lobes (behind the forehead). In the table below, you can browse through the main brain functions involved in cognition. You will also find brain teasers that will help you exercise the cognitive abilities described. I hope you enjoy it…and have fun!Perception Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli (smell, touch, hearing, etc.) Brain teasers: Is this a circle? Test your Brain with these 10 Visual Illusions Attention Ability to sustain concentration on a particular object, action, or thought, and ability to manage competing demands in our environment. Brain challenges: Brain teasers to flex two key men­tal mus­cles: atten­tion and work­ing memory Memory Short-term/ working memory (limited storage), and Long-term memory (unlimited storage). Brain teaser: Can you iden­tify Apple’s logo? Motor skills Ability to mobilize our muscles and bodies, and ability to manipulate objects. Brain challenges: Tap your right hand on the table. At the same time, make a circular movement with your left hand (as if you were cleaning the table) Do the same, switching hands-read more


Bank ,a 25 year old green sea turtle had the following found in her stomach -915 coins,weighing 11 lb in mass .Bank a girl had this discovered when she was saved by sailors who spotted her in agony at seaside town of si racha,thailand,the coins were cracking her base nearly causing a near fatal infection .It took 5 surgeons 4 hours to remove the coins through a 4 inch incision in bangkok.Turtles can live up to 80 years and many thai,s believe throwing coins on them will bring humans long life.


A mineral from one of mars metorites may have originally cintain hydrogen which could suggest more water on the planet then first thought .This discovery was made by simulating conditions of ejecting metorites from the red planet and could suggest life was on mars. University of Nevada.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

.georgeyspanswick -radio devon -and me -mark antony raines aka ghostman

Are distant radio bursts in space signs of alien sailors?

Fast Radio Bursts. They come from galaxies far, far away, but scientists have no idea what they are.
FRBs have mystified scientists ever since they burst onto the astronomical scene in 2007. Since then, large radio telescopes have captured fewer than two dozen of the enigmatic flickers, far brighter than most known objects. Now, a pair of Harvard theorists have a wild idea: planet sized beacons that would dwarf the Death Star, and maybe even Starkiller Base.
Lasting mere thousandths of a second, the radio pulses are far too bright to match what we know about other sources that emit energy in bursts, such as the spinning neutron stars known as pulsars.
"There is no known astronomical object that generates radio bursts at such a high brightness, which is tens of billions of times brighter than the known population of pulsars, for example," co-author of the paper Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics told Gizmodo.-read more

How to Use a Defibrillator

Defibrillation is an electrical shock delivered to the heart designed to terminate a life-threatening arrhythmia or cardiac arrest. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a device capable of automatically detecting a heart rhythm that requires a shock.[1] If you are around when someone has sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), you can follow a few simple steps to use an AED to save his life.
Image titled Use a Defibrillator Step 1
Confirm cardiac arrest. If you see a person who appears to have an emergency episode, you need to check to ensure that it is cardiac arrest before you use an AED. Check to see if the victim is unable to respond, if he is breathing, and his pulse. You can use the ABC method.[2] If you find no pulse or breath, you need to start CPR.
  • Airway: You need to make sure the airway is open before you check his breathing. To do this, tilt back his head and lift up his chin.[3] If you see an object obstructing the airway, remove it.
  • Breathing: Lean in closely to listen for breathing. Look to see if his chest is rising and falling.[4]
  • Circulation: Feel for a pulse. Signs of circulatory issues include color changes, sweating, and a lower level of consciousness.[5]-read more it may help

bad zoo

DNA provides window into early Aboriginal history

A resident of the Aboriginal tent embassy warms his hands on a fire in Redfern, Sydney, in 2015
Scientists have used hair to locate where distinct Aboriginal groups lived in Australia up to 50,000 years ago.
The genetic study could help reconnect indigenous families with ancestral communities, according to the University of Adelaide-led study.
It shows the first Australians spread rapidly before largely spending continuous time in distinct areas.
The research is an important step in learning more about ancestry prior to European settlement, the authors said.
It again confirmed that Aboriginal Australians descended from a single population that arrived 50,000 years ago from New Guinea, when it was joined to Australia.

Genetic map

The research, published in the journal Nature, analysed 111 hair samples taken by anthropologists from across Australia in the early 20th Century.
The DNA allowed researchers to trace maternal ancestry through unique genetic material.
"What we've found is that we can see right the way back to the first colonisation of Australia by Aboriginal people," said lead author Prof Alan Cooper.-read more

Neanderthals 'self-medicated' for pain

Neanderthal skullNeanderthals dosed themselves with painkillers and possibly penicillin, according to a study of their teeth.
One sick Neanderthal chewed the bark of the poplar tree, which contains a chemical related to aspirin.
He may also have been using penicillin, long before antibiotics were developed.
The evidence comes from ancient DNA found in the dental tartar of Neanderthals living about 40,000 years ago in central Europe.
Microbes and food stuck to the teeth of the ancient hominins gives scientists a window into the past.
By sequencing DNA preserved in dental tartar, international researchers have found out new details of the diet, lifestyle and health of our closest extinct relatives.
"Their behaviour and their diet looks a lot more sophisticated and a lot more like us in-read more


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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hundreds of passengers are stranded at Heathrow when British Airways cancels flight to San Francisco due to a MOUSE being spotted on the plane Read more: F

A British Airways flight to the US has been cancelled after a mouse was seen running through the plane.
The flight to San Francisco was due to take off from London Heathrow at 10.40am this morning but was stopped at the very last minute.
Passengers were taken off the plane and transferred onto another aircraft which took off some hours later.

Read more:
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The woolly mammoth died out after losing its warm coat… and its sex life

The woolly mammoth was not so furry when it died out… growing a weird, semi transparent satin coat.
New research suggests the mammoth also had a poor sense of smell – and sex life – just before being wiped out after suffering a “genomic meltdown”.Experts say this can happen when a once thriving species reaches the brink of extinction, as small populations develop mutations caused by in breeding.
The last mammoth disappeared from the planet almost 4,000 years ago, but the groundbreaking findings have implications for animal conservation today.
They also shed fresh light on the theory of evolution, and serves as a warning for those interested in bringing the woolly mammoth back to life, known scientifically as “de-extinction.”
There are at least three teams trying to rebuild the whole mammoth genome – which could one day become a template to recreate actual mammoths.-READ MORE

Distinctive British bird is under threat of EXTINCTION as they lose habitats

The curlew with its distinctive call and long curved bill is under threat as experts warn the species faces extinction world-wide.
In Britain they are a regular site on coastal marshes and mud-flats easily identifiable by their long legs and curved bill.
But ornithologists reports that although curlew species occur on all continents except Antarctica some species may already have become extinct.
Nicola Crockford, policy officer for the RSPB, said: "The Eurasian curlew is an iconic species - its appearance in spring is announced by one of nature's most evocative calls.-READ MORE



Yes a new pound coin is going into circulation on March 28 ,2017 . Why the worry well its going to affect thousands of vending and parking machines as the new cion is 12 sided and these machines will needto be adapted to accept them which in turn could endup costing thousands and also launderettes, gym locker,s ,kid,s rides.The deadline when old pound coins may become illegal is 8 october 2017 and the Royal Mint is encouraging you the public to spend your old pound coins before 15th october 2017 or return to a bankto reused to make new ones .read more


A damning report has been made about South Lakes Safari Zoo, Dalton-in -Furrow, Cumbria due to  nearly 500 animals who died or were put down.-saka a jaguar that chewed its paws of one of its paws,a rhino that was crushed to death ,2 snow leopards cubs found partially eaten in their enclosure,7 healthy lion clubs and 5 baboons wree euthanised , 18  scared ibis birds were shot by zoo founder david gill after he was threated with prosecution for letting them fly free.The captive animal protection society is asking barrow council to close the zoo down.The zoo was fined back in 2013 after sumatran tiger padang fatally mauled a zoo keeper.Other fatelities - 2 giraffes-one shot after it collapsed and could not get up  ,a reindeer suffered a infected fly bite  ,a kangaroo that got infected tooth ,african tortoise called goliath was electrocated in a a fence,squrriel monkey decomposed body was found in back of radator,ringtail lemur was run over by truck ,wallaby died after an abcess,flamingo died after breaking its wing ,2 15 week snow leopards called miska and natasta which were unveiled to v crews to a fanfareweks before death ,i hope this zoo and people reponisable get punshment by curts of this land.

Treasure hunters find oldest ever hoard of Iron Age GOLD in British field

Staffordshire County Council handout photo of one of the gold torcs which where discovered on Staffordshire farmland by Joe Kania and Mark HambletonTREASURE hunters have found the oldest Iron Age gold jewellery ever discovered in Britain.
Pals Mark Hambleton and Joe Kania found the stash – named the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs – buried in a muddy Staffordshire field in December last year.The pair found three necklaces and a bracelet made of near-solid 18 carat gold in farmland in Leekfrith, in the Staffordshire Moorlands.
They have been eagerly awaiting an inquest, which took place today and confirmed that the items are the real deal.
Amateur metal detector fanatic Hambleton, 59, admitted that he has been sleeping with the haul next to his bed.

He said he searched the same field once before about 20 years ago, but without success.
After scouring the ground in the mid-winter cold last year, he was ready to call it a day when suddenly pal Mr Kania got a signal.
Mr Hambleton said: “We have found the odd Victorian coin, but mostly it has just been junk.”
“Joe said to me ‘I think I’ve found something a bit special’ and he was dangling it in front of my face.
“That’s when I started to get a bit dizzy and weak at the knees.
“I said to him ‘You know what this means – we have to search the area now’.”-read more

Lloyd George and Hitler film on sale

A 20-minute black and white film belonging to a British historian shows Lloyd George and entourage meeting Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.The film is going up for auction and was filmed during a visit to Hitlers home at HausBenchtesgaden in   Wachenfeld, near    Baverian alps.Lloyd George was impressed by Germany's public work and after visit said Germany does not want war  ,  Hitler does not want war, he is most remarkable man, the rest is history.

Do not respond to the bully with more aggression in order to get them to leave or stop.

  1. Tell them calmly to stop bullying you. ...
  2. Avoid getting angry or sarcastic in your response.
  3. Try to keep your response short.
  4. If they don't stop, walk away from them.
  5. Do not fight with a bully, either with words or physically.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Symptoms of Small Vessel Brain Disease

Blood vessels traveling from the heart branch into smaller vessels inside the brain, delivering oxygen and nutrients. These small vessels can become abnormal with age, or conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. People with small vessel disease have damage to the cables the brain cells use to communicate -- and to certain deep clusters of brain cells. The damage develops due to blockage of blood flow or bleeding from small blood vessels in the brain. While some people with small vessel brain disease have no symptoms, others develop problems with thinking, mood and movement.Small vessel brain disease can lead to thinking problems. When severe, this is called vascular dementia. Although estimates vary, a June 2014 "BioMed Research International" article reports that blood vessel problems account for 20 percent of dementia worldwide -- second only to Alzheimer disease. Small vessel brain disease typically causes milder memory problems than Alzheimer disease, mainly with recalling information. There can also be difficulties with staying focused, problem-solving and planning tasks. Overall slowing of thinking and responding can occur.Mood and personality changes may signal small vessel brain disease. Depression can occur alone or along with thinking problems and can worsen over time. In contrast to Alzheimer disease, people with vascular dementia can have mood swings or personality changes early in the course of disease. They may become irritable or impatient or stop caring about themselves or their surroundings. People with small vessel disease may also develop uncontrollable and possibly inappropriate episodes of laughter or crying.Small vessel brain disease commonly causes strokes, in which an area of the brain is deprived of oxygen and dies. Some strokes cause no obvious symptoms despite the brain damage. Other strokes cause sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, problems with coordination, difficulty speaking or swallowing, or double vision. People with small vessel brain disease typically accumulate tiny strokes over time, leading to problems with balance and slow walking due to trouble managing the sequence of walking. They are at risk of falling earlier than people with Alzheimer disease. They may also have urinary accidents due to a sudden urge to go.

ghost army of world war two .

aliens attack

Alexander Fleming's mould samples sold at auction

Alexander Fleming mouldSamples of penicillin mould, signed and inscribed by Sir Alexander Fleming, have been sold at auction.
Labelled as "the mould which makes penicillin", the green substance was produced by Fleming in his laboratory after he discovered penicillin in 1928.
The Ayrshire-born bacteriologist went on to the win the 1945 Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery which ultimately revolutionised medicine.
The samples were sold at Bonhams in London for £24,375.
It was while studying influenza that Sir Alexander famously noticed mould had developed accidentally on a set of culture dishes being used to grow the staphylococci germ.

Papers and memorabilia

The mould had created a bacteria-free circle around itself. Sir Alexander experimented further and named the active substance penicillin.
However, it was two other scientists - Australian Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, a refugee from Nazi Germany - who developed penicillin further so that it could be produced as a drug.-read more

How soon can we fly to the moon as space tourists

Space tourist with suitcaseWith two private citizens planning a trip around the moon in 2018 with US private rocket company SpaceX, a key question now is when will space tourism be an option for the rest of us?
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced two unnamed people had paid a "significant deposit" to secure places in a spaceship that will fly in a loop around the moon, although not involve a lunar landing. Sir Richard Branson has made similar proposals to send holidaymakers on sub-orbital flights in his Virgin Galactic venture.
Many people are fascinated about the possibility of being able to travel to space and BBC audiences have been asking when will they be able to holiday beyond the stratosphere.
Libby Jackson, who is Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager at the UK Space Agency, said there could be developments in as little as three years' time.-read more

mitzi playing with camera

oscar film award f..k up

Use it or lose it’ — Holsworthy bus shuttle service to begin

The service, operated by Holsworthy Rural Community Transport, will start on Monday, March 13, providing a town shuttle offering an hourly service throughout the day from 8.45am through until 4.43pm, Monday to Friday.
The route will be a figure of eight centred on the library and church bus stops. There will be around 25 stops — including the medical centre — to the circuit and the fare will be £1/single journey, children 50p with under 5s free.
In broad terms the service will cover from Staddon Road to the Cattle Market and out to Rydon.
Martin Prentice, chairman of Holsworthy Rural Community Transport (HRCT) made a successful bid to the Department of Transport’s Community Bus Fund last year and managed to get two buses costing £50,000 each, one to replace the ageing ‘Ring & Ride’ bus and the other to set up this Holsworthy Town Shuttle.The cost of the service will be about £30,000/annum and so the bus will run for a trial period to establish what sort of usage it gets but if it cannot break even it will have to be terminated. So the message is — ‘use it or lose it’.
Timetables can be collected from the HRCT office in the Square or from the library and there will be a leaflet drop, including a timetable, to every house in Holsworthy the week before the service begins.
Mr Prentice said: “This venture is reversing the trend in the transport area where usually services are being withdrawn and so it is refreshing to have something new which will benefit everyone in the area.
“The town needs to get behind this worthwhile service and by using it make sure that it remains for years to come.”


Good morning Mark 

Well , my first introduction to tai chi was brought about because a friend of mine was mugged and badly beaten when I worked and lived in London. I went to Master Li who gave classes in Bermondsey on martial art. I learned as a form of self defence. 

Later I took more interest in the greater role of tai chi as a life style including health well being nutrition etc. 

Having visited China several times and studied more I was asked to join tai chi for health as an instructor and as my aims were similar to that of the  charity, namely to bring taichi to more people especially those in provincial towns and villages, I agreed.

I have studied tai chi for over 40 years and hope to pass on what I have learned and am still learning to as many people as possible. 

Hope this helps .

GDPR...General Data Protection Regulations information

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