Sunday, 18 December 2016

Second Yellow GESAR KARATE .

I did my grading for this belt on friday 16 -12-2016 at holsworthy college between 5 - 7 pm .All the students helped sensi put down the mats ready for the grading we were then put into 2 groups of 3.I then proceeded to do fitness test ,moves required,self defense ,Kata,randori.I   passed but i did not perform katas well due too on fault on only practice one  had to do 2 on day and as for randori i was like a rabbit in the headlights as not looking at what i was hitting and not blocking as looking at opponents down or at arms..It was great to see all fellow students pass and show potential to go forward in gesar karate.I agree with sensi that my green belt will need a lot of work and improvement to go for grading ,next year in December,but i really do think and hope all fellow students go on to do green next grading .

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